An Automated Market Maker (AMM) that meets all the Anti Money Laundering and Know Your Customer protocols to be fully compliant with regulations. Swap tokens from different blockchains (cross-chain) with the safety and trust of a company that holds crypto and wallet licences (Estonian license number FVT000340. (Y link a la página oficial de la licencia). Earn more with our staking protocols. More info at

NFT-based, decentralized social network. Create your own NFTs easily, sell them on our marketplace and benefit from posting your content on a social network that shares advertising revenue with its users.

A new fast and reliable blockchain with the lowest gas fees. Build your own products on top of our game-changing and unique Woonkly Chain.

Investing in crypto startups and helping them succeed. Partnering with the best crypto hubs in the world, Woonkly supports the best crypto startups.

The foundation of all the Woonkly Labs products. Listed on 5 exchanges, with a market cap of more than $300M and daily trading volume of more than $3M, our token benefts from all the products Woonkly Labs launches and develops. Now you can invest in the most innovative crypto products by buying our token: WOOP.

Woonkly es un Venture Builder, líder en la creación de empresas basadas en blockchain. Creamos productos de vanguardia en Finanzas Descentralizadas (DeFi) y Tokens No Fungibles (NFT).

Estamos comprometidos con el desarrollo de productos que resuelven problemas reales para millones de usuarios en todo el mundo, gracias a nuestra experiencia y conocimientos.

Woonkly OÜ es una empresa con sede en Estonia, con oficinas en España y México, y con licencias para operar como criptoexchange y custodio.