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Woonkly Chain

Woonkly Chain

Explore transactions within our Blockchain on Hyperledger BESU.

Woonkly IPFS

Woonkly IPFS

All data handled in woonkly is uploaded to our own decentralized system through the Interplanetary File System created on our blockchain.

Decentralized Social Network


Complete Decentralized Social Network through the nodes of our blockchain. In our Social Network, users are in control of their data.

ERC20 & BEP20 Video Airdrop

Earn by Sharing

Receive rewards in BEP20 Tokens for viewing, sharing and interacting with advertisers' content. 80% of capital invested by advertisers is distributed among their audience.



Stake / block your Woops tokens and receive 0.01% of the net profit of the protocol for every 100,000 Woops tokens blocked.

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Frequently asked questions

Woonkly is a DEFI protocol that enables a Decentralized Social Network in which the capital invested in post advertising by advertisers is shared with the people who interact with that content (Post, Photo, Video, Podcast); all created and working 100% on Blockchain using our own main network (Hyperledger BESU and Polkadot) connected with Binance Smart Chain (BSC).


You can see the latest videos made by our moderators, in which they summarize what woonkly is and the latest news:


What is Woonkly?

Updates and News

Woonkly has a crypto wallet and crypto exchange license granted by the European Union.

Creating a campaign in Woonkly is very simple. Advertisers access the Feed Section, choose the way they want to run the campaign, be it text, image, or video, define the audience they want to target their content to through different filters, and create the campaign using crypto.


The user sees these publications and by sharing them on their own network and obtain direct benefits in the currency through which the advertiser has advertised.

There are 3 ways to generate income on Woonkly.


The first, as we mentioned earlier, is to view and share advertisers' content on your own network.


We can also earn cryptocurrencies by interacting with the activities awarded by the creators of the campaigns, activities such as sharing content, subscribing to channels or platforms, or clicking on links.


Finally and the most interesting way to generate money in Woonkly, is through the Stake, generating 100% passive income that comes from a percentage of the campaigns, withdrawals of cryptocurrencies from the platform, and swaps between different tokens. The stake basically consists of connecting your wallet with woonkly and your woops remain without moving it.

Before doing Stake in woonkly, the system to be audited will have been sent, news will be given of when the stake can be made (It may take between 1 and 6 months to audit the system) Any news will be reported in this section and the official networks of woonkly.

Anyone can be an advertiser on Woonkly, creating a campaign is very simple. The only thing you will need is the content you want to share (in the case of audiovisual, it is recommended that the duration be 30 seconds), create an account on the platform, have the token with which you want to create the campaign, and configure it to your liking defining the audience you want it to be addressed to.


If you want to advertise on Woonkly and this cryptocurrency still sounds like Chinese to you, don't worry, because we have created some step-by-step tutorials to make your transition to the crypto world of marketing as simple and intuitive as possible. And you can always count on our support for any questions that may arise during the process.

Of course! In Woonkly you can both create campaigns and view content with a single account. You can also create an account as a company and manage up to several brands with the same account.

It will not be necessary when creating the account, but it will be to obtain the verification icon.


The KYC is a process that can be somewhat tedious, but necessary and required today by the authorities to avoid money laundering, or the financing of criminal activities. The KYC or 'Know Your Customer' is a process of verification of the identity of the user, for which you will need a photograph where your face is clearly shown next to an identity document or passport, and a report or invoice that proves your address (You can see the valid KYC documents in the next question)

Mandatory requirements:


-It must be in your name


-Must have an antiquity date of no more than 6 months


-It must contain the address


Valid documents:


-Bank statement (You can cross out data that you do not want to show)


-Invoices in your name (Official or direct debit invoices, payments or repairs are not valid, such as a purchase or the repair of a car)


-Lease contract (If you are not from the European Union, it must be signed under a notary)


-Official state documents (Social Security, payment of taxes, registration, etc.)

Disclaimer icon


We inform you that the interactions with Third Party Smart Contracts (such as PancakeSwap) and the use of the Seeds from the Users' Wallet that may result in the loss of tokens, is strictly the responsibility of the user, for which Woonkly does not You have Control and Responsibility in these situations. In the same way, we inform that the Official Woonkly token is the WOOP (created on the BEP20 protocol of the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network.